He went on vacation to Afghanistan … his fate is determined

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22-year-old British student Miles Routledge has been on social media for days.

Because Routledge, after researching the “most dangerous countries to visit,” decided to go to Afghanistan, but then got stuck here.

The fate of the hapless student, who suddenly found himself in the midst of chaos, became clear after the Taliban entered the country’s capital, Kabul, on Sunday.

According to reports from the British newspaper Mirror, Miles managed to find a seat on a cargo plane departing from Kabul airport.

Miles, who was taken to Dubai, said in a statement on his social media account: “Happy ending: I landed in Dubai thanks to the brilliant members of the British military. Everything is fine,” he said. he declares.

Physics student Miles described how “relaxed” he was compared to the average Afghan citizen while awaiting evacuation.

Miles also shared what happened to him during this process with his followers. Miles said he was surrounded by Taliban militants and was Welsh to survive.

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The British student also visited Chernobyl as part of the “Most Dangerous Countries To Visit” tour.

Miles had traveled alone in Afghanistan despite all the warnings.

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