Heavy toll in the USA! Hurricane Ida killed 45 people

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Hurricane Ida, which hit the northeast of the country after the state of Louisiana in the south of the country, caused heavy rains in the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut.

While 13 people lost their lives in flooding and flooding in New York City, the death toll in New Jersey has passed 23.

At least 45 people have died in the flooding so far, with casualties in the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and Connecticut.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said most of the deaths were from people whose cars were flooded.

As search and rescue efforts continue in the areas affected by the floods, there are also concerns that the loss of life will increase.

In the city, where New York Mayor Bill de Blasio yesterday declared a state of emergency, subway stations were flooded and many people were trapped in the stations.

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A tornado in southern New Jersey damaged roofs of houses and flooded a freeway in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In New Jersey, the Newark airport was flooded due to heavy rains and many flights were canceled.

Heavy toll in the United States Hurricane Ida kills 45

More than 200,000 people in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been affected by the power outages.

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