Hekmatyar statement on the new administration in Afghanistan

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Hekmatyar assessed the latest situation in Afghanistan.

When asked how he can support the Taliban, who are expected to announce the new management structure by the end of the week, Hekmatyar said competent people would need to be assigned for the administration to be successful.

Hekmatyar said, “We have no other conditions than the assignment of competent people to be a government partner.”

Stating that they do not have absolute goals of participating in government, Hekmatyar said, “(by the Taliban) We are not very willing to be a partner in the new government. We support the Taliban in any way they form a government, unconditionally. ”The sentences used.

Hekmatyar, arguing that they don’t believe in the benefits of coalition governments because they always fail, said, “We are brothers with the Taliban and there is a consensus between us.


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Gülbettin Hikmetyar said: “Turkey is one of Afghanistan’s best friends. Turkey has always supported the Afghan people and supported them in all areas. Looking at the historical past and the unity of thought, it is possible to see that there is a relationship of trust and brotherhood between the Afghan and Turkish peoples. he said.

“Is there a Pashto nationalist program in Afghanistan? What does Pashto mean for Afghanistan? To the question, Hekmatyar replied that “nationalism and discrimination have no place in Islam” and that “nationalism will not find a place” in the new government.

Hekmatyar argued that if the world does not allow the establishment of a new administration in Afghanistan and tries to bring an administration closer to them, the result may extend to war.

Hekmatyar said, “We now want the will of the Afghans to be respected,” and suggested that many countries would recognize this if a government in line with the will of the Afghans was formed.


Gülbettin Hikmetyar, when asked what great danger DAESH poses for Afghanistan, said: “They showed that DAESH was great, propaganda was made, it was presented as a great danger. In terms of thought and opinion, DEASH does not have a large area in Afghanistan and that is (no longer) a threat. “The answer was given.

“Could the problem of foreign fighters become a problem in Afghanistan? Hekmatyar answered the question, “There was false propaganda about Al Qaeda and other foreign fighters in Afghanistan. Their number was very low in the past and even less today. It is impossible to regard them as a threat. he has answered.

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Hekmatyar founded the Hizbi-e-Islami organization in 1977 and established himself as one of the names that resisted the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union.

He served as prime minister for a short time during the civil war that began after the occupation ended. He was charged with certain crimes against civilians during the civil war. Hekmatyar, of Pashtun origin, left after the Taliban captured Kabul in 1996.

Hekmatyar carried out resistance activities against the US military that occupied Afghanistan after the September 11, 2001 attacks and was among the names the United States paid a price for. Hekmatyar, who returned to Kabul in 2017 with the administration’s law enacted for internal reconciliation in Afghanistan, has been removed from the United Nations sanctions list.

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