Her son and daughter agreed and the funeral crisis was resolved! Theodorakis will be buried in Crete

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In Greece, the dispute between her daughter Margarita and her son Yorgo over the whereabouts of world-famous 96-year-old composer Mikis Thedorakis, who died last week, has been settled.

The famous composer will be buried in the Galatas village of Chania on the island of Crete, as he had wanted in a letter he wrote in 2013 and at the request of his son Yorgo. The graves of Theodorakis’ mother, Çeşmeli Apasia, and Cretan father, Yorgo, are also located in the village of Galatas.

The municipality of Athens has decided that the bust of Theodorakis be erected in the city center and that a street bears his name.

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