He’s been living inside this machine for 69 years! An extraordinary life story …

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Infected during the last polio epidemic in the United States, Paul Alexander has spent most of his life in a machine called the “steel lung”.

This airtight device tightens the neck around the patient, creating enough vacuum to draw oxygen into the lungs.


When the device does not work properly, it becomes impossible for the old man to breathe. Alexander recounts his experiences in the steel liver in the videos he uploaded to the YouTube video sharing site.

Polio was eradicated thanks to the vaccine developed in 1979. Alexander is one of the few people today paralyzed by the disease who depend on a steel liver for survival.

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Alexander relies on auto repairers to keep the steel lungs that equipment makers and insurance companies took out of maintenance in 2015.

Despite all these difficulties, Alexander went to college and became a lawyer. Indicating that people are horrified when they see him, Alexander writes a book while holding a pen with his mouth.

Referring to the difficulties he encountered in a YouTube video he attended, Alexander used the following statements;

“My story is an example of why your past and even your disability don’t have to define your future.

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