Hidden danger in the coronavirus: the market for fake vaccines and test certificates is growing!

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More than one billion 414 million doses of vaccine have been administered to date against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) worldwide.

According to the site “Ourworldindata.org”, where data on the Kovid-19 vaccine was compiled, China was the country with the most vaccines in the world with 366 million 910 thousand doses, while the United States with 268 million 438 thousand, India with 180 million 457 thousand, England with 54 million 800 thousand, Brazil with 52 million 93 thousand, Germany with 39 million 414 thousand, France with 27 million 460 thousand, Italy with 26 million 490 thousand, Turkey with 25 million 707 thousand and Russia with 23 million 290 thousand followed.

While widespread vaccination practices around the world are of great importance in ending the horror virus outbreak, the incident also has a cross-country dimension.


While the introduction of the vaccination certificate application for all visitors to England was on the agenda, news reflected in the press claimed that this application could be used at the entrance to public areas such as bars , restaurants and stadiums across the country.

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EU officials, for their part, have announced that the ‘Digital Green Card’ app, which includes information on the outbreak and travel history, could be implemented.

It was reported that negotiations had taken place on the compatibility of vaccine certificates to be prepared for travel between the European Union (EU) and the United States.

European Commission spokesperson Christian Wigand said their systems such as healthcare and transport want mutual recognition of vaccination certificates with third countries whose systems may be compatible with those of the EU.

In this context, Wigand said some countries have contacted the EU on vaccine certificates, “Our negotiations with the US are continuing, especially on compatibility.” mentionned.

Wigand said technical work between U.S. officials and the European Commission is continuing and a phone conversation will take place between European Commission Member Didier Reynders and the U.S. Homeland Security Secretary.

Christian Wigand said they have yet to have a meeting with a country other than the United States. The EU has started to set up a vaccine certification system called the “Digital Green Certificate” at the request of countries like Greece, Spain and Portugal to assess the tourist season this summer.

Hidden danger in the coronavirus: the market for fake vaccines and test certificates is growing

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Fake Kovid-19 test sold online

The certificate, which will be valid for travel within EU borders, should be ready by summer. In the certificate, if a new type of vaccine against the coronavirus (Kovid-19) has been obtained, there will be a document that can prove it with the relevant information, the PCR or the result of the antigen test.

In the certificate, vaccines approved in the EU will be accepted, but EU countries will decide for themselves whether or not to accept other vaccines. In the future, vaccines approved in the EU will have to be used for another country’s vaccine certificate to be recognized. However, EU countries will be able to decide for themselves which vaccines will be recognized.

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On the other hand, vaccination campaigns and discussions about vaccine certification have led to the emergence of a new and terrible industry behind closed doors. The counterfeit vaccine and Kovid-19 test certificates have started selling in the UK and around the world at £ 25 each.

According to extensive research, this market for fake certificates has grown into a large market with 1,200 suppliers.

After the UK announced that a negative test and a vaccination passport would be required on return from abroad, it was revealed that not only anti-vaccines refused to be vaccinated, but also those from countries under -developed who did not yet have access to the vaccine. has shown a high demand for these mock vaccine tests and certificates.

Hidden danger in the coronavirus: the market for fake vaccines and test certificates is growing

Fake vaccine certificate stamped NHS

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More than 100 people are trying to enter the UK with fake Kovid-19 tests every day, according to information received by proxies last month. It is known that negative coronavirus tests requested on return after leaving the country can cost individuals hundreds of pounds.

Researchers found that fake vaccine cards and negative tests from the NHS (UK National Health System) and CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) were being sold and not just through hard-to-reach platforms called ‘ dark web ” but also through widely used messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram.

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According to Guardian news, it is believed that the scale of this terrible fraud has reached the sale of fake vaccines and various treatment methods / drugs for Kovid-19.

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