His $ 20 investment was $ 1.2 trillion overnight!

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The United States is talking about the 20-year-old college student who earned $ 1.2 trillion overnight.

Christopher Williamson, a nursing student living in the US state of Georgia, recently invested money in a cryptocurrency from his budget.

Rocket Bunny, an unrecognized coin that Williamson deposited $ 20 into, gave the young man the shock of his life.

Williamson, who woke up in the morning and tracked his investment through the app where he purchased the coin, saw that he was making around $ 1.2 trillion overnight.

In other words, Williamson’s investment grew almost $ 60 billion overnight. Williamson became the richest person in the world overnight, albeit on paper.

Speaking to the country’s press, the student described his experiences with the following words;

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“At first I thought I was still dreaming and put my phone back in its place. Then I realized I wasn’t dreaming and picked up my phone and checked it. Then I fell from my bed.

However, the 20-year-old’s joy was short-lived. When Williamson tried to move his crypto wealth to another digital wallet, he learned the bitter truth.

It turned out that the price increase in question was due to an error in the system.

In the statement made by the company in this regard, it was pointed out that this was a system error and it was pointed out that Williamson’s balance would be corrected.

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