Hofer, leader of the far-right Freedom Party in Austria, resigns

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In the written statement made by the FPÖ, it was stated that Hofer had had the opportunity to reflect on his career after a 3-week re-education period and had decided to quit the job he had held for about two years, and the Ratings of far-right leaders were also included.

Hofer said that after the event called the Ibiza scandal in the country, which led to the end of the center-right Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the FPÖ coalition government in May 2019, his party went through a painful process, but according to the latest opinion polls, intra-party stability has been restored through increased voting rates.

Stating that he has taken the necessary steps for the party to be successful in the years to come, Hofer announced that his duty in the party was thus over.

In Austrian press news it was claimed that there were tensions between Hofer and former Home Secretary Herbert Kickl, who represents the falcon wing of the party, and that Kickl aspires to be president of the leader.

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Hofer ran for president in 2016 against current President Alexander Van der Bellen and narrowly lost the election.


Heinz Christian Stache, then Deputy Prime Minister and chairman of the far-right FPÖ party in Austria in May 2019, and Johann Gudenus, chairman of the parliamentary group of the same party, presented themselves as a relative of a wealthy businessman Russian on the island of Ibiza, Spain. The images he made with a woman have been in the press.

In the footage, the far-right leader’s statements that if Russia backs his party, he could help make state offers to that country and sell part of the shares of the top-selling Austrian newspaper to the Russians, it was assessed as the most serious crisis in the history of the country.

After the footage was released, Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz put an end to the government formed with the far-right party and called for early elections.

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