Horrible event in Bolivia! A human finger came out of a burger

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According to reports in the country’s press, young Bolivian Estefany Benitez announced on her social media account that she had filed a complaint with the company after a human finger was found in her food, but that ‘she had not been taken care of.

Benitez, who first announced the event on his Facebook account and then made statements to the national press, said he suffered psychological trauma as a result of the incident and could have been poisoned.

In news from the official Bolivian news agency ABI, Deputy Defense Minister for User and Consumer Rights Jorge Silva said that forensic investigations had been launched in 20 branches of the company where the ‘incident had occurred.

Silva said after the worker who worked with a meat grinder and pulled 45 to 80 kilograms of meat per day lost 2 fingers, an investigation was underway to find out whether the meat mixed with human remains went into d ‘other branches.

In the written statement of the company, which has 20 branches in Bolivia, “Faced with an accident that happened to one of our employees, the company has implemented all emergency protocols, always keeping the health of the worker in the recovery phase. ” expression was used.

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