Horrific claim by Afghan judge: Taliban set woman on fire for poor cooking

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The world is locked in to the news from Afghanistan, which came under Taliban control in 10 days.

Although the Taliban, who took over the administration of the country after 20 years, made moderate statements, news began to come from the country that did not resemble the old days of the Taliban.

Necla Ayyubi, a women’s rights defender and refugee judge in the United States in 2015, made a terrible statement about the Taliban.

Speaking to Sky News, the Afghan judge claimed Taliban militants set a woman on fire for poorly cooking.

Eyyubi, one of the directors of Every Woman Treat, which works on violence against women, shared information that the incident took place on August 19 in northern Afghanistan.

“We are receiving reports of beatings, whips and other violent attacks on women from hundreds of our fellow activists on the ground in Afghanistan,” said Ayoubi, who lives in the United States.

Recently, a woman in the Afghan province of Takhar was shot dead by Taliban militants for not wearing a burqa.

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The aforementioned images were received by the American channel Fox News and shared the image of the unfortunate woman after her execution with her viewers.


As part of the peace agreement reached between the United States and the Taliban in February 2020, the process of withdrawing international forces from Afghanistan began this year.

While the agreement stipulated not to attack foreign forces, it did not provide for the actions of the Taliban against the Afghan security forces.

Continuing negotiations with the Afghan government in Doha, the Taliban have simultaneously dominated many districts and provincial centers in Afghanistan with heavy attacks since June.

Besieging the capital Kabul, the Taliban took control of the city without conflict after President Ashraf Ghani left the country on August 15.

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