“I am an incurable liar” A devoted mother or a child molester?

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To outsiders, Sophie Hartman was a devoted mother who would do anything for the well-being of her child.

One of Hartman’s children, who lives with his two adopted daughters from Zambia, was sadly born with health issues and struggled with all kinds of illnesses since childhood. That’s why Hartman and his 6-year-old daughter wandered from doctor to doctor, spending most of their time in the halls of the hospital. The little girl was holding on thanks to her mother’s efforts.

Or maybe the truth was the opposite of this touching story …


Judging by the court documents filed on May 24 against Hartman, who lives in Washington state in the United States, the second possibility is quite high. Because, according to the indictment prepared by the King County District Attorney’s Office, Hartman’s daughter, Carmel, is a healthy child and is being abused by her mother forcing unnecessary medical interventions.

According to the indictment, 473 different unnecessary interventions have been performed on Carmel since 2016, under the direction of his mother. Among the interventions in question, procedures such as the insertion of a forced feeding tube, the placement of a hormonal implant in the body of the child and the administration of total parenteral nutrition to completely empty the intestines are predominant.

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Hartman, 31, also put the little girl in leg splints to prevent her from walking and put her in a wheelchair, despite all doctors’ advice to the contrary, prosecution documents reached by Insider. .


The American public first met Hartman and his daughter in 2019 on news from KING 5, a local television station. In an interview with the channel, Hartman poignantly told the story of his daughters’ adoption.

“After my freshman year of college, I took a month-long trip to Zambia. At that time I met an orphan who was having great difficulties,” Hartman said, adding that although the adoption was not on his mind at the time, his experiences made him change his mind.

“I wanted to adopt a child that no one would queue for,” Hartman said. “I remember saying, ‘Let them give me a child who is blind or has cerebral palsy.'”

“Carmel’s situation was different. I had legal custody of her older sister Miah previously,” Hartman said, adding that the little girl had been exposed to alcohol and drugs when she was a baby and had symptoms. withdrawal symptoms from time to time.

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Photo: video of king 5


But according to Hartman, Carmel’s problems weren’t limited to this. The girl’s body was sometimes very tense, and sometimes it relaxed as if her bones had been removed. This is how the doctor’s visits began. More interestingly, the little girl was completely paralyzed one day, and was walking in great shape when she was taken to the doctor the next day.

“Even I started to question myself,” Hartman said. “I used to say to the doctor, ‘I know he’s walking now, but yesterday he couldn’t move at all. The doctor said, “It’s impossible. “” Hartman said.

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Hartman received a second doctor’s opinion and, following various genetic tests, the little girl was determined to have a genetic condition called alternate hemiplegia, which occurs in 1 in a million children. This disease progressed over time and there was no cure.


From what he said in the interview, the diagnosis in question changed the family’s life. The mother, who did her best to make Carmel’s life easier, even in her daily work, wanted to make her car suitable for a wheelchair, but because the car was too old, she couldn’t do it.

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With that, close family friends began to fundraise for the Hartmans by setting up a page on the Internet. This campaign raised $ 15,661 for a new wheelchair. $ 30,583 was raised at the church Hartman attends regularly.

In addition, thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation, Carmel, Miah and their mother were granted the right to spend 5 days on a horse ranch in Oregon. The girl’s alternative diagnoses of hemiplegia, epilepsy and cerebral palsy were highlighted in the founding documents. In fact, Hartman had described his daughter’s situation to foundation officials as “an incurable time bomb.”

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Sophie Hartman was also sharing details of Carmel’s situation with her day-to-day subscribers via her Facebook and YouTube pages. This led to a rapid increase in interest and financial support for the family.


This moving story ended on March 17th. On that date, the police raided the Hartmans home and took the two girls under protection. Hartman’s cell phone and tablet search histories were also helpful in the raid. According to the indictment, the woman frequently searched the Internet for terms such as “black child hearing implant”, “how to get paid to care for a disabled family member”, “how to make a fake prosthesis. auditory “and” burial “. Songs “.

The indictment also said the little girl was kept under observation at Seattle Children’s Hospital for 16 days in February, while doctors who examined her decided her health was not impaired. . According to the documents, the fact that the girl’s medical history was very fluffy alarmed doctors.

I'm a desperate liar A devoted mother or child molester

Photo: Make a Wish Foundation


Rebecca Wiester, one of the doctors working at the hospital, wrote to the appropriate Washington state authorities, requesting a full review of the 6-year-old’s case. In the letter, Wiester wrote that doctors agreed the girl was “in grave danger”.

Wiester said: “All of the evidence we have obtained while she is treated in our hospital indicates that the girl is a healthy 6 year old. Decreased medical support and normalization of childhood experiences will benefit. to the girl. “

The hospital’s pediatric neurologist, Mark Wainwright, reported that in the genetic tests they performed, there were no genetic variants that would cause alternate hemiplagia in Carmel. The hospital report said, “This is medical abuse of a child.

The prosecutor’s office added to the indictment that since that date all her medication had been discontinued and she had recovered in no time. It was pointed out that the young girl was able to lead her life without the need for a feeding tube, leg braces or a wheelchair.


The indictment also included a few lines from a diary found in Hartman’s home. Of note, the woman said, “I am an incurable liar / exaggerator when it comes to suffering.”

King County District Attorney spokesman Casey McNerthney said in a statement to KING 5: “This case was not opened on the findings of a single investigator. This is not the result. of a rapid investigation. This is the result of the police investigation which has been going on for months and many experts have given their opinion. “

Hartman’s lawyers have announced that they will fight in the case against the young woman. Lawyers Adam Shapiro and Jessica Goldman said, “Hartman’s child was diagnosed with alternating hemiplagia by a specialist pediatric neurologist at Duke University and a neurologist at a hospital in Tacoma. The child was treated by Duke’s doctors for three years. Contrary to the prosecution’s claims, the boy’s diagnosis was suddenly diagnosed. “This has been asked by too many doctors, it’s legitimate, and it’s based on the many reports and information Hartman has provided.”


Shapiro and Goldman also said that Eli Newberger, an experienced doctor who has advised on child abuse cases for 40 years, reviewed the documents and found the case against their client to be “legal wrong.”

“The medical records show that Hartman did not concoct the symptoms of alternate hemiplegia. Instead, I see a parent facing a compelling set of symptoms and caught between the dissenting opinions of the doctors. According to my assessment, any psychological or physical examination or neurological evidence that contradicts the diagnosis of hemiplegia, “Newberger said in the report. There is none,” he said.

The Make a Wish Foundation also made a statement saying it was very upset to hear about the allegations of child abuse. “We hope that this situation will be resolved as soon as possible, in the absolute best interests of the child,” the foundation’s statement said.


All of these events reminded me of another event that took place in the United States in the summer of 2015. A woman named Clauddine Blanchard, known simply as Dee Dee at the time, was found dead in her home. from Missouri. The murderer of the woman who was stabbed to death has been confirmed to be her daughter Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her lover Nicholas Godejohn, whom she met online.

But the real terrible truth was revealed during and after the trial of the young lovers. Anne Blanchard, who suffered from a psychological disorder called “Munchausen by proxy”, was trying to gain the attention and attention of those around her through her daughter’s illness.

Because of this, he told the whole world that his daughter suffered from leukemia, asthma and muscular dystrophy, but the girl did not have any of these diseases. According to Dee Dee Blanchard, Gypsy Rose was born prematurely and had the capacity of a 7-year-old due to a mental injury. The woman also forced the girl to underestimate her age, constantly subjected her to unnecessary treatments such as a feeding tube, and frequently turned to charities such as the Make a Wish foundation to realize various earnings.

The mother-daughter Blanchards story was serialized in 2019 and released on a digital platform, and the series, in which she plays Joey King and Patricia Arquette, tells the story very closely.

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