“I have planned my funeral so many times! The incredible story of the patient with the longest coronavirus

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Dave Smith, 72, living in Bristol, England, told his incredible story to the Guardian newspaper and shocked the world.

Dave Smith, who set an incredible record with 290 days, 7 hospitalizations and 42 positive PCR tests, became the longest-longest person infected with Kovid-19.

During the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic, Dave Smith, who caught the virus like many English people, was hopeful like many people who overcame the disease at the time. However, the virus that entered Dave Smith’s body could not come out, and the unfortunate man, with the expression he used in his interview when describing his situation, lost all hope of salvation and had to plan his own funeral 5 times with his wife.

Dave Smith, who has been hospitalized whenever his illness worsened and his situation was dire, called his family and said goodbye to them several times, believing he was going to die. Smith said, ‘Now I wish I did that.’ said.

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For Dave Smith, a retired driving professor, to get rid of the virus, the Regeneron antibody cocktail, which has also been applied to former US President Donal Trump and has yet to be approved for use. , has been used. Doctors treated Smith with special authorization for the drug, which was not approved for use in the UK.

Ed Moran, infectious disease specialist and consultant to the UK’s National Health System (NHS), said: “We don’t have a lot of patients in this situation. Most of the patients die in the early stages of the disease, but it would be very helpful if this cocktail could be used to reduce the risk in such cases as the constant regeneration of the virus in the body and making the person sick. mentionned.

Before Dave Smith contracted the coronavirus, he had leukemia in 2019 but recovered. Experts believe the reason patients like Smith stay with Covid-19 for a long time is due to low levels of virus-neutralizing antibodies.

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