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Legendary 2000s pop star Britney Spears first testified yesterday in a lawsuit she filed against her father Jamie Spears on the grounds that she had controlled his life and money for 13 years. At the hearing, which he described as the “to be freed from slavery” trial, Spears made some striking statements that had far-reaching repercussions around the world.

“My father’s control turned into abuse”

The famous star said that after his mental breakdown in 2007, his father had taken over his whole life. “My dad won’t allow me to get married and have children, he drugged me with drugs,” Spears said, adding that his father’s control has turned into abuse. The American pop singer, who has two children, argued that her father wanted her to wear a spiral (cervical device) and prevent her from having children again and marrying her boyfriend. She also accused her father of forcing her to take psychiatric medication and constantly making her feel “drunk”.

Jamie spears

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“I want to get married and have a baby. However, under the current guardianship, I was told I couldn’t get married or have a baby, ”Spears said. Stating that even her father controls her social media posts, Spears defended herself in court with the following words: “I just want my life back. It’s been 13 years and that’s enough. All I want is for it to stop, for me to be in control of my money. To be honest, I want to sue my family. I want to hear why they did this to me for so long. I am very angry and cry every day.

I want my life back

Britney Spears fans gathered outside the courtroom in support and chanted “Freedom for Britney” banners.


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– Shaving her hair and assaulting reporters in 2007, Spears was admitted to a rehab center for drug and alcohol treatment. Jamie Spears, who took control of her daughter’s entire fortune during this time, has been Britney’s guardian for exactly 13 years.

– Complaining about not having control over his own life, Spears filed a custody complaint against his father last year. While the court did not remove Jamie Spears as guardian, it did add a joint guardian to Britney, removing her father’s power to make decisions on his own.

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