I wrote to the Washington Post! Biden: We are on the side of Europe against Russia

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Biden will travel to Geneva, Switzerland, on June 16, where he will also meet with Russian President Putin. In his article published before this historic summit, Biden promised that the United States would stand by its European partners against Russia. Biden said: “We stand in solidarity with Russia’s threats to the security of Europe, especially its aggressive stance in Ukraine,” and added that his country will be “undoubtedly determined” to uphold democratic values.


Joe Biden wrote: “President Putin knows that I will not hesitate to react to future destructive actions. When we meet, I will reaffirm my commitment to standing up for human rights and dignity in the United States, in Europe and in democracies. Although Joe Biden called Putin a “killer” after taking office in January, the two leaders say they want to improve their relationship. In his assessment the day before, Putin said he expected positive results from the meeting.

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