İbrahim Kalın announced that the schedule for Russian vaccines and flights has been set.

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Kalın made a statement with Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy in Moscow, the capital of Russia, and after meeting his interlocutors at Vnukovo airport.

Recalling that Turkey has an extensive network of relations with Russia, Kalın noted that they discussed bilateral relations and regional issues in detail during their meetings.

Stating that they had talks with a broad perspective ranging from trade relations to tourism, energy cooperation in Karabakh, Libya and Syria in this context, Kalın said: “In accordance with the level of these bilateral relations, especially today our minister is very satisfactory and comprehensive. made a presentation. His Russian counterparts also took note. “used the expression.
Stating that the Russian authorities are closely monitoring the process and the number of cases related to the closure, the current gradual opening in Turkey, Kalın said: “The measures taken are yielding results. The earliest time will be taken in what concerns the arrival of the Russian vaccine to Turkey and the start of the tourist season and the flights. We have agreed on the steps and the acceleration of the process. We have a short-term timetable before us. will closely monitor the actions to be taken together. ”he spoke.


Emphasizing that they also put Israeli attacks on Palestine on the agenda, Kalın supplemented his remarks as follows:

“Important events related to the geopolitical evolution of the region are occurring and will continue to occur. We have put the question of Palestine on the agenda in particular. As our President said during his meeting with Mr. Putin, Turkey and Russia have acted together in this regard. “We also exchanged views on taking joint action on the issue. We will continue our close cooperation with the Russian Federation to ensure regional peace and tranquility.”

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Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova made a written statement regarding their meeting with the Turkish delegation in Moscow, the capital.

Stating that consultations on the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) will take place between the Russian Service for the Protection of Human Health and Consumer Rights (Rospotrebnadzor) and relevant Turkish institutions, Golikova said the Russian delegation will visit in Turkey to assess the situation regarding the opening of flights between the two countries and tourist centers He shared the information that they will be inspected in terms of the security measures they have taken.

“We have agreed to develop an action plan on the conditions of mutual visits of tourists. This decision will ensure the protection of Russian tourists in tourist resorts in Turkey,” Golikova said. used the expression.

Stressing that they are ready to help organize the production of the “Sputnik V” Kovid-19 vaccine in Turkey, Golikova said he has offered Turkey to participate in the “Traveling without Kovid-19” digital program.

Emphasizing that the program in question was developed in the Eurasian Economic Union (AEB), Golikova said that citizens of countries included in this program can enter Russia more easily using the mobile phone application.

President of the Russian Federal Tourism Agency Zarina Doguzova said she had agreed to continue contacts with the Turkish side and was ready to send a delegation to Turkey.

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