Incredible electoral fraud in Russia: which one is real? They changed the disguise and the name to split the votes!

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It is a long-standing method in Russia of confusing voters by participating in the race by taking the names of rival candidates during election times. but at the end of this month, St. In the municipal elections to be held in St. Petersburg, this fraudulent tactic went further and the rival party stunned everyone by copying not only the name but also the subject.

Boris Vishnevsky, a senior official of the Yabloko Liberal Party, was shocked during his candidacy. Two candidates from the rival party have changed their names to confuse voters. However, the shocking event did not end there. These two rivals, who also changed their faces and printed election posters, looked like Vishnevsky’s twins!

The election poster, which featured three identical Boris Vishnevsky, suddenly fell on the agenda like a bomb. The Boriss were all bald, graying, and with almost identical beards. The friend of the real Vishnevsky, who shared the poster on his Facebook account, commented: “To find out who the real Vishnevsky is, just look at which one can think of wearing a tie.”

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The real Boris Vishnevsky said in an interview: “This is all done to confuse the voters, so that the voter confuses the false with the true and votes for one of the false instead of the real Vishnevsky. “

Unfortunately, the two bogus candidates who wished to be interviewed could not be reached.

It is also believed that the fake Vishnevskies not only grow beards and mustaches for the photoshoot, but also play with the photos via Photoshop. Vishnevsky, who said he had never seen anything like it before, called the event “electoral fraud”.

One of the fake St. Petersburg Vishnevskies is believed to be Viktor Bykov, whose information and photo appear on the St. Petersburg government website. however, Viktor’s photo here is quite different from the election poster. Because he looks a lot younger than Vishnevsky.

Boris Vishnevsky said: “I don’t understand why they are doing this, but I guess people don’t make a fool of themselves for free.” he ended the discussion.

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