Incredible event in Australia: a 29-year-old runaway convict got caught like this!

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Darko Desic (64), who escaped prison 29 years ago in Australia’s New South Wales (NSW) state, had to surrender to the police while unemployed in due to the new type of coronavirus epidemic (Kovid-19) and could not pay the rent on his house.

Sentenced to 3.5 years for cultivating cannabis, Desic escaped from Grafton Correctional Center on the night of August 1, 1992, using tools, including a hacksaw and bolt cutters, after serving 13 months in prison, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

It was said that Desic, who could not be found despite all searches, settled on the beaches of northern Sydney and worked as a construction worker and repairman for money.

Desic became unable to pay his rent after his business shutdown due to strict Kovid-19 bans that have been in effect for about 3 months in the state.

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Desic, who left home and started living on the beach, surrendered to the police, believing that living behind bars would be “much easier” than being “homeless”.

Incredible event in Australia: 29-year-old fugitive got caught like this

Desic, who attended the Central District Court hearing with a video link from his prison cell in Sydney’s Surry Hills neighborhood and whose bail application was denied, is expected to appear again before the same court on Tuesday, September 28. 2021 for escaping from prison.

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