Incredible moments in Russia: they experienced the horror of bears in the national park!

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The bear horror in Russia rocked the country, so to speak. The Ergaki National Park, located at the foot of the Sayan Mountains in southern Siberia, was the scene of incredible horror.

A very aggressive brown bear ate a 16 year old boy who was walking in the park! Tourists, who were near the area at the time of the incident but were unable to prevent the young man’s death, attempted to neutralize the bear by wounding it with a pocket knife. During this time, the bear injured one of the tourists by knocking him over.

As one of the tourists tried to incapacitate the bear with a pocket knife, the other quickly ran to the park, reporting the situation and calling for help. When police arrived at the scene, the brown bear was found lying on the ground, injured and eating half of the unfortunate teenager.

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The police shot the bear with a rifle, but the injured animal fled and disappeared into the forest. The next morning, the officers, who again took on the bear in a more crowded and prepared manner, shot the injured bear.

National park officials said in their official statement: “After hours of searching, the man-eating bear was neutralized by being shot by park officials.” expression was used.

It was announced that the 16-year-old who lost his life in a bear attack was from the city of Abakan, the capital of Khakassia, an autonomous republic of the Russian Federation, and that he belonged to the people of the area called ‘sherpa’, who guided the people who came to the camp to introduce the area to the camp and guide them during the ascents.

Incredible moments in Russia: they experienced the horror of bears in the national park

According to park manager Igor Gryazin, grizzly bears are believed to have approached the park in search of food due to the long winter and late snowmelt. Igor Gryazin added that they believed the young man who lost his life encountered a bear while trying to take a shortcut.

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