Interesting claim from UK professor: new symptom of Kovid-19 has been found

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The coronavirus (Kovid-19), registered on the global common agenda since 2019, has been the subject of numerous scientific studies.

For nearly 2 years, thousands of scientists have been looking for answers to the questions we ask ourselves while scrutinizing the virus.

Professor Tim Spector, one of those names, identified a new symptom to determine if the person had Kovid-19.

According to news from the British newspaper Metro, when a person has Kovid-19, it leaves a mark on their nails.

According to Spector, the line formed in the nails indicates that the person has a history of Kovid.

Also called “Beau’s lines,” this condition occurs when the body gets rid of the infection.

It was previously determined that “Beau’s lines” developed after measles or mumps.

However, no study would yet satisfy the scientific world, showing that this also happened with COvid-19.

The British press points out that Spector’s research could change this situation.

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It is stated that skin conditions such as eczema and malnutrition can also cause wrinkles.

Experts warn that more drastic changes in nail shape can be warning signs of serious illnesses such as thyroid disease, diabetes, or iron deficiency anemia.

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