Interesting contribution to the protection of the environment of cows: they are clean!

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In Germany, scientists have been cleaning cows to benefit the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The joint study by the Farm Animal Biology Research Institute (FBN) in Germany and the University of Auckland on toilet training in cows has been published in the journal “Current Biology”.

The researchers tried to train 16 calves on an FBN-affiliated farm in Germany to defecate only in parts of the barn using the reward-punishment method.

When calves did not urinate in specially designed grass areas, they were given a “three second water spray” penalty, and when they urinated in those areas, they were rewarded with water. food.

Over the course of several weeks, teams of animal behavior experts successfully trained 11 of the 16 calves to defecate in specific areas.

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FBN researchers Dr. Jan Langbein comments on this: “It is normally thought that cows cannot control their faeces or urination. Cows, like many other animals or farm animals, are very intelligent and capable of learning. Why shouldn’t they also learn to use the toilet? ? “used his statements.

The researchers argued that if 80 percent of the cow’s urine is retained, there will be a 56 percent reduction in ammonia gas released by the fermentation of urine in barns and farms.

In addition, the researchers said that reducing urine levels in animal living areas will reduce the risk of infection and the decrease will improve animal hygiene and welfare.

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