Interesting parade in Russia: the children were led like soldiers!

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Quite interesting images have come from Russia, which recently experienced its most tense period with the Western world.

The address for the images was Elektrostal, the industrial city east of the capital Moscow.

A video posted on social media showed a parade of nine-year-old children in military uniform.

It did not go unnoticed that the children who sang war songs about “dying for the homeland” in the video, which quickly went viral, carried toy guns.

Children executed in the military order also chanted “no forgiveness to your enemies”.

The parade took place shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s senior security official called for increased military training for children.

In the remaining scenes of the video, 16-year-old students sing their war songs “We are Russians, God is with us!” We have seen that he shouted the slogan “We are Russians, the Russians do not sell”.

The video that splits social media in half has been defended by some users, while others accused it of resembling the structure of NAZI Germany’s “Hitler Youth”.

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