International Atomic Energy Agency Flash Fukushima Decision

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A delegation led by Lydie Evrard, head of the nuclear safety and security department of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Japan, visited the Dai-içi nuclear power plant in northern Fukushima province. -est of the country.

Evrard, who then met Minister of State for Economy, Trade and Industry Ejima Kiyoshi, described his visit to Japan as “constructive and productive” during the online press conference he said. held.

Evrard announced that the IAEA will send a team of experts to the Fukushima Dai-içi nuclear power plant in December to oversee the plan to discharge radioactive wastewater into the sea.

Stressing “the importance of transparency and scientific impartiality during the on-site inspection”, Evrard said the IAEA is committed to the completeness and objectivity of the assessment and the results will be announced to the international community.

According to the Kyodo agency, the team of experts will analyze the wastewater that is planned to be discharged, examine the relevance of the current plan and assess its environmental impacts. It was noted that at the end of the process, the expert team will present to the public the report it will prepare on this subject.

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Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide announced in April that sewage accumulated in the power plant, which was damaged in the earthquake and tsunami that hit the region 10 years ago, will be discharged into the Pacific Ocean.

While neighboring countries China, South Korea and Taiwan have reacted to the Tokyo government’s decision, the United States “gets it” and the IAEA has said it supports it.

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