Iranian President Rouhani calls for legalization of cryptocurrency activities in the country

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for the legalization of cryptocurrency activities in the country and the necessary measures to be taken to ensure the protection of the capital of citizens investing in this area.

According to information from the official Iranian agency IRNA, the government’s Economic Coordination Council met in the capital Tehran under the chairmanship of President Rouhani.

At the meeting, where the supply and demand for cryptocurrencies in the Iranian economy was also discussed, the report submitted by the Central Bank on cryptocurrency mining and transactions was assessed.

Stressing the need to protect and support national interests in digital currency and crypto currency related activities during the meeting, President Rouhani stressed the importance of acting cautiously on legal and technical issues in this regard. respect.

Rouhani stressed that a dynamic strategy should be developed in this area and that all necessary measures should be taken regarding the role of cryptocurrencies in the macroeconomy of the country.

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Stressing the importance of educating society about cryptocurrency activities, Rouhani stressed that investments in this area should be made in a professional manner due to the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading, “Relevant ministries must find solutions as soon as cryptocurrency activities and protect the capital of the public in this area.Laws and instructions must be enacted and communicated, he said.

Bitcoin mining ban due to power outages will last until September 22

Iranian President Rouhani added that the ban on cryptocurrency mining, which is touted as the source of the country’s electricity supply problems, will continue until September 22.

Due to the massive power cuts in Iran, one of the countries with the most cryptocurrency production in the world, Bitcoin mining activities in the country were suspended by order of President Rouhani on May 26. .

Iranian electricity distribution company “Tevanir” announced on May 26 that 50 licensed mining centers operate in 14 provinces of the country and consume a total of 209 megawatts of electricity.

The Rouhani government’s mandate will end with the presidential elections to be held on June 18 in Iran.

Bigpara for cryptocurrency markets

Bigpara for cryptocurrency markets

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