Iran’s Intimidation of Erbil Administration: If Necessary, We Will Target!

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According to reports from Nournews, affiliated with the Supreme National Security Council of Iran, Brigadier General Mohammed Pakpur, commander of the ground forces of the Revolutionary Guards army, said that terrorist and armed groups in the north of Iraq are trying to create insecurity in the border regions of Iran.

Stressing that they will not tolerate any threats against Iran, Pakpur addressed the Erbil administration and said: “Do not make your country a hotbed for terrorists, if necessary we will target terrorists there. -low. noted.

“Given the situation in the region and the possibility of Iran’s decisive and overwhelming response to terrorist groups, residents should distance themselves from the terrorists’ headquarters,” Pakpur said. used his statements.

On September 8, 2018, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Army struck a camp belonging to the Iran-Kurdistan Democratic Party (IKDP) operating in Erbil with ballistic missiles. In the attack, 16 İKDP members, including senior figures, were killed and around 40 people were injured.

Considered a terrorist organization by Iran, the IKDP has been sheltering in camps given to it by the PDK and PUK since 1991, after its withdrawal from Iran.

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