Iran’s response to Israeli attack threats: we will respond harshly

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Hajizadeh spoke to Iranian state media about the threat of attack by Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Defense Minister Benny Gantz and statements made by US officials against Iran.

Arguing that Iran has passed its test on these issues, Hacızade said, “They have already tried and they know how to get an answer. We have both the power and the will to use it. We will certainly give an answer. hard. That’s why they can’t make such a mistake. ” used his statements.

“Iran’s response to any enemy attack will be harsh and overwhelming,” Hajizade said. noted.

The Liberian-flagged tanker Mercer Street, owned by the British Zodiac Maritime Shipping Company, owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer, was attacked in the Arabian Sea on its way from the United Kingdom. Tanzania in the United Arab Emirates on July 29, 2 more Romanians lost their lives.

Israel and Britain have claimed Tehran was behind the attack, which was allegedly carried out with an unmanned aerial vehicle, while Iran’s foreign ministry has denied the charges.

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Israeli Prime Minister Bennett said in a statement on the August 3 incident, saying his country can act alone against Iran: “They cannot sit still in Tehran while they set the whole Middle on fire. -East. It’s finish. he said.

Israeli Defense Minister Gantz also said his country was ready for a military attack on Iran. After the phone call between US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Gantz yesterday, in a written statement from the US Department of Defense (Pentagon), it was stated that they would jointly act on the next steps.

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