Iraqi Prime Minister Kazimi: Our relations with Iran are at their best

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Kazimi made statements to a group of Iranian journalists that he hosted in Baghdad. Referring to relations with Iran, Kazimi said:

“The security situation in any neighboring country is one of the Iraqi government’s priorities. Because any attack against these countries will also affect Iraq. When I was at the head of the intelligence service, we had cooperation with Iran in the field of security. We have supported Iran with all our might against DAESH’s attempts to cross the Iranian border and harm the Iranian people. Relations with Iran are at their best and I am honored. I am one of the prime ministers who ensured the development of joint bilateral relations between Iraq and Iran.

The Iraqi Prime Minister has said that Iran is going through a troubled and difficult time and is ready to support that country if requested.


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Explaining that they are trying to develop relations with Turkey and Arab countries in the region as well as with Iran, Kazimi said, “We have also tried to resolve Iraq’s foreign policy and diplomatic crisis. Besides Iran, we have seriously tried to establish good relations with Turkey, Arab countries and Europe. mentionned.

Recalling that the early elections in Iraq will be held on October 10, Kazimi reiterated that he will not be a candidate.

Referring to his relationship with Hashd al-Chaabi, who is known for his closeness to Iran, Kazimi said:

“Hashd al-Chaabi is a constitutional institution of Iraq and part of the country’s security mechanism. We are striving to develop the defense capacity of Hashd al-Shaabi. We do not allow some outside parties (Iran) to make decisions about Hashd al-Chaabi for us. Those of Hashd al-Shaabi are my children. Our relationship with Hashd al-Shaabi has been good from the very beginning, despite the efforts of some to cause trouble. Structures such as the Hashd al-Chaabi, the Peshmerga and the Federal Police Service have played an important role in the fight against DAESH.

Kazimi also said that the issue of obtaining visas at the airport for Iranians who come to visit Shia holy places in Iraq will soon be implemented.

Asked about the presidential elections in Iran, Kazimi said, “Iran is a country with a strong state tradition. No matter who the president is, we work with him in good faith. Whichever side wins the elections, it will not affect the deeply rooted relations between Iraq and Iran, and we will work to further strengthen those relations. The relationship between us is historical and strategically located. gave the answer.

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