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Israel has been hitting Gaza for days. There are reactions from around the world to attacks on civilians.

However, it appears members of the Democratic Gas Party are of the opinion that President Biden has not reacted sufficiently to Israel.

According to the CNN International analysis article, there is an “Israeli” divide within the ruling Democratic Party.


According to Zachary B. Wolf’s article, some party members are calling for more pressure from Biden on Israel.

According to the same article, Biden, who made a phone call yesterday with leaders on both sides of the conflict, is also accused of ignoring human rights in the region.

A statement came from the White House yesterday following the bombing of the building, which houses media outlets, including the Associated Press, in Gaza yesterday.

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In his post, the White House press secretary shared on Twitter: “We have contacted the Israelis for the safety of journalists and independent media. It is a great responsibility to ensure the safety of independent media. ”


However, according to Wolf, for some members of the Democratic Party, this is not a sufficient answer. Wolf points out that this wing of the Democratic Party has asked Biden to make an open appeal to Israel.


On the other hand, the Times Of Israel newspaper news reported that the Washington administration, particularly US President Joe Biden, has expressed concerns about civilian casualties in the attacks on Israel and Gaza.

The report said that US officials called on Israel to end the attacks on Gaza.

Speaking to Walla News ahead of today’s security cabinet meeting to address the attacks on Gaza, an unnamed senior Israeli official said that due to international pressure and calls from the United States, the Tel Aviv administration would begin the process to achieve a ceasefire.

The official said that Egypt will mediate between Israel and Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza in order to achieve a ceasefire.

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Biden had spoken by phone with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu twice since May 10, including yesterday.

Netanyahu said yesterday that the attacks on Gaza will continue.

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