Israel did this too! Great scandal, the reaction is sinking!

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A photo of the Gaza Strip blocked and bombed by the Israeli military was posted on an Arabic-language social media account owned by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The elephant of Surah from the Holy Quran was shared with the published photo. In the Quran, the sharing of Sura al-Fil, which recounts the attack by the governor of Yemen Abraha on the Kaaba, the house of Allah, and the end he met, with a photo of bombed Gaza, have caused a reaction.

It should be noted that such messages are sometimes published from official Israeli accounts, in particular from IDF spokesman Avichay Adraee.


Sheikh Omer Al-Kisvani, the director of the Masjid Al-Aqsa Foundation, described the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip with “brutality” and severely criticized the sharing of verses from the Quran on Israeli social networks.

Sheikh Kisvani pointed out that Israel has distorted the meanings and contexts of the verses and said:

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“They take the verses out of context and turn them around. They are in fact the owners of the elephants, not the oppressed of Gaza.”

Sheikh Kisvani stressed that such messages meant “mocking the verses of Allah” and said, “It clearly means mocking the verses of Allah. We strongly condemn what has been done.”


Declaring that what Israel has done is a great cruelty and that it has nothing to do beyond this persecution, Sheikh Kisvani once again reiterated that the real “elephant owners are the Israeli military. “.

Sheikh Kisvani noted that Israel mocked and provoked feelings not only of Palestinians, but of the entire Islamic world with such messages.

Sheikh Kisvani also prayed to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip: “I ask God to steal what Israel has done to him.” used the expressions.

In the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since May 10, 213 people, 61 children and 36 women, lost their lives and 1,442 people were injured.

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