Israel releases brothers in custody of Palestinian detainees captured after escape

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According to the statement from the Palestinian Prisoners Association, the Salim court in the northern West Bank released the fugitive Palestinians, Reddad, the brother of Eyhem Fuad Mahmud Abdullah al-Arida and Basim, the brother of Mohammed al-Arida .

It was noted that Nidal al-Arıda, who was released after learning he was a relative of the arrested detainees, broke his arm during questioning.


Six Palestinian detainees escaped from the Gilboa high security prison in northern Israel on the morning of September 6 by digging a tunnel.

Zakariya ez-Zubeyidi, member of the Martyrs of Al-Aqsa, the armed wing of the Fatah movement, who escaped from prison, and Mohammed Kasım al-Arıda, Yakub Mahmud Kadri and Eyhem Fuad Mahmud Abdullah al-Arıda, members of the Islamic Jihad Movement, were captured.

Eyhem Fuad Kemamci and Yakub Nufeyat, two other Palestinian prisoners who escaped from prison, have not yet been found.

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According to Palestinian sources, there are around 4,500 Palestinians in Israeli jails, of which 365 are “administrative prisoners”.

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