Israel targets homes, farmland and positions of Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza Strip

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Injuries were reported when Israeli warplanes targeted an apartment in the town of Han Yunus, in the southern Gaza Strip. Two houses in the Han Yunus district of Japan and the Shabura district of Rafah city were damaged in the attacks.

Fighter jets also bombed Shuheda Square in Cibaliya refugee camp. The infrastructure was also badly damaged in the attack, where people were injured.

Israeli warplanes targeting a farm field and an empty vehicle in the Sheikh Aclin area of ​​southern Gaza bombed three positions of Palestinian resistance groups in Rafah and Deir al-Belah, in southern Gaza.

The Israeli military also aircraft struck farmland in the Nusayrat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. During the artillery attack carried out by the Israeli army in Beit Hanun, a fire broke out in agricultural land.

In contrast, Israeli boats bombed the coast of northern Gaza and Khan Yunus.

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