Israeli parliament elects president – latest news

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In Israel, lawmakers met yesterday to elect President Reuven Rivlin’s successor, whose term expires on July 9. In the parliamentary vote, former Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog competed with Miriam Peretz, a Zionist activist of Moroccan descent living in the Jewish settlement of Givat Ze’ev, between the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Herzog won 87 of 120 deputies in the first ballot, while his opponent Peretz won 27 votes. Isaac Herzog (60), who was elected the country’s 11th president, is the son of the country’s 6th president, Chaim Herzog, who served between 1983 and 1993. Isaac Herzog led the Labor Party from 2013 to 2017. Herzog will take over his duties after the expiration of the term of current President Reuven Rivlin on July 9. The president, elected for a 7-year term in Israel, has limited and symbolic powers, unlike the prime minister, who is endowed with broad powers.

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