Israeli President Herzog’s Flash Appeal for Palestine

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In an interview with Israel’s Channel 13, Herzog said that the meeting of Israeli Prime Minister Benny Gantz and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on August 29 was a milestone.

Stressing that communication with the Palestinian Authority is the right step, Herzog stressed that this will contribute to Israel’s security.

Herzog was left unanswered when asked about Gantz’s statement that he did not want to negotiate with the Palestinians.

On the other hand, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtiyya, in an interview on Palestinian television yesterday, said that they did not want to sit at the old table of bilateral talks with the Israeli side, but that they wanted the negotiations to take place in the form of a Middle East Quartet on the basis of international law and legitimacy.

Shtiyya said the negotiations should be conducted with a new mechanism based on international legitimacy backed by the Arab world.

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Drawing attention to Palestinian President Abbas’ action with the Arabs, Shtiyya asserted that this was aimed at creating a situation of political maturation, and that this situation would push the international quartet to take initiatives that would lead to a negotiation process based. on new bases.

İştiye said:

“A principle has been discussed with the American administration. That is, Israel respects the agreements it has signed with the Palestinian side and stops the attacks against our people. In addition, the promises made by US President Joe Biden in the election campaign are being kept. . “

Shtiyya recalled that the issues she raised include stopping illegal settlement by Israel, preserving the current status of occupied Jerusalem and reopening the US consulate in East Jerusalem.

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