Israeli warplanes launch airstrikes on Gaza

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According to information received from eyewitnesses, Israeli warplanes carried out airstrikes in various parts of central Gaza.

No statement was made as to whether there were any casualties in the attack.

The IDF has yet to issue a statement on the attacks.

In the statement made by the military last night, it was recorded that a second rocket fired from Gaza in the past 24 hours was destroyed by the “Iron Dome” air defense system.

The head of the Qatar Gaza Reconstruction Committee, Mohammed al-Imadi, announced on September 6 that an agreement had been reached to restore calm in the Gaza Strip after the protests under the name “Night Turmoil”.

Simultaneously with its attacks on Gaza in May, Israel also blocked the entry of essential humanitarian supplies. This situation at border posts has not improved despite the ceasefire.

Palestinian youth, who call themselves the “Night Mayhem Unit”, have been burning car tires and throwing sound bombs at border strips in various regions for a week at late hours to protest the blockade and disrupt Jewish settlements and settlements. Israeli soldiers.

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