Israel’s ‘drone killer’ test passed

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The world is talking about the weapons test in Israel. The Israeli army has announced that it has successfully tested its weapon capable of firing at unmanned aerial vehicles.

In the images of the laser weapon in question, it was seen that the system drilled holes in the drones and thus dropped them.

In the statement made by the Israeli Defense Ministry, it was stated that this weapon will complement the Iron Dome air defense system.

In the same statement, it was pointed out that the prototype of the weapon developed to strike airborne targets should be ready by 2025.

Yaniv Rotem, head of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s research and development department, made the following statements in a statement to the country’s press;

“The ability of this weapon to intercept and destroy air threats is revolutionary.”

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Israeli drone killer passed test

It is stated that the tested version of the weapon has a range of 1 kilometer and the final target is 10 kilometers.

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