Israel’s strong reaction to Chieftain victory

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, who held the first weekly cabinet meeting in Israel, assessed the Iranian elections at the start of the meeting. Bennett, who used the term “hangman regime” for Tehran, said: “Chieftain’s election as Iranian president is a sign that the superpowers must wake up. This is the last signal before Iran returns to the nuclear deal. They need to understand who they are doing business with and what type of plan they are choosing to support. “The executioner regime cannot have weapons of mass destruction,” he said.


Reisi, who received 62 percent of the vote in Iran’s June 18 presidential elections, became the country’s 8th president. The leader, who was originally a lawyer and served on the Committee of Four that decided to execute around 3,000 dissidents in prison in 1988, is called by dissidents “the Ayatollah of the massacre” and by the Western press as the butcher ” . In November 2019, the US administration placed Chief on the sanctions list for human rights violations. After the results were announced, the first assessment made by the US State Department pointed out that the elections had not been fair and transparent, but it was noted that indirect negotiations would continue to bring Washington back to the table. 2015 nuclear deal. Congratulatory messages from other countries on the victory of the leader, who is curious about how he will shape Tehran’s politics, are as follows:

Russia: President Vladimir Putin said he was “full of hope for the further development of constructive bilateral cooperation”.

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Pakistan: Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated Reisi with a warm message shared on Twitter. “I look forward to fostering our fraternal relations for peace, progress and prosperity in the region,” Khan said.

Syria: In a presidential statement, it was noted that “we are ready to work with the new president to strengthen ties between the two countries.”

Iraq: President Barham Salih conveyed his “heartfelt congratulations”.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan congratulated İbrahim Reisi on his success. In his message, President Erdoğan said: “I hope the election results will be beneficial to the Iranian people, a friendly and brotherly country. Expressing my conviction that cooperation between our countries will be strengthened during your presidency, I am ready to work with their own States in this direction. In this regard, I will be delighted to visit our neighbor Iran on the occasion of the next meeting of the High-Level Cooperation Council after the COVID-19 pandemic has been overcome. “

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