It has been almost two years since the epidemic began … A first death by Kovid-19 occurred in New Caledonia

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In New Caledonia, located in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean, it has been reported that a person has died for the first time due to the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19).

According to information from Radio New Zealand, in New Caledonia autonomous from France, where 51 new cases have been detected in the last 24 hours, the first death from the virus has been recorded in the country, with the death of one person by Kovid- 19.

The head of the New Caledonian government, Louis Mapou, confirmed the first death of the Kovid-19, in a statement.

Mapou said that since March 18, 2020, when the first case of Kovid-19 was recorded in the country, 253 people have been infected with the virus and 117 new cases have been recorded in the past 4 days.

In the country, a curfew has been imposed for 4 days in order to stop the epidemic.

New Caledonia, in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean, which France annexed in 1853, became a colonial region from that date until 1946, and was included in the Community of French Territories of overseas until 2003.

With a population of approximately 288,000 inhabitants and an area of ​​18,000,576 square kilometers, New Caledonia was defined as an autonomous region of France following the constitutional amendment of 2003.

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Located in the south-east of the Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia is preparing to organize the last independence referendum for France, the first two voting “no”.

In autonomous New Caledonia, dependent on France, independence groups refusing to leave France began on December 12, 2021 their third and last pre-referendum campaign on the island, which has around 180,000 voters.

The Kanak Socialist National Liberation Front (FLNKS), which defends the country’s independence, launched its “Yes” campaign from Nouméa, the capital of New Caledonia.

Recalling that yes votes in the first two referendums showed an increase, Aloisio Sako, one of the FLNKS leaders, recalled that 25,000 people did not vote in last year’s referendum, and said that victory is possible in December.

Anti-independence groups, which opposed the separation from France and united under the name “Voix du Bien”, began the campaign from the town of Bourail in the southern province.

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Sonia Backes, the head of the Caledonian Republican Party, one of the group’s leaders, who said the latest referendum would also be good, argued that New Caledonia was not ready to leave France.

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