It has been going on for a month: the destroyed forest area has approached 210,000 hectares

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It has been stated that while approximately 210,000 acres of forest have been destroyed by the blaze, which began Aug. 13 in northwestern California and still threatens green spaces and living things that are found there, 31% of the flames have still been brought under control. .

More than 6,000 firefighters are working to put out the blaze, which has burned an area the size of Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

The work of the firefighters became more difficult as the thunderstorm that started in the region on August 13 made the wind accelerate and there was little associated rain.

The storm caused the flames to reach two towns near the town of Greenville, which was completely destroyed by the Dixie fire.

The crews created firefighting routes with bulldozers to keep the flames from reaching Westwood.

Jake Cagle, one of the firefighting officials, said the storm, which hit 80 kilometers per hour, brought the flames closer to the town of Janesville, east of Greenville.

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On the other hand, hot weather and thunderstorms in northern California increase the danger of new fires.

The US Forest Service Department announced that it was operating in “crisis mode” due to dozens of fires raging in the west of the country.

Although the cause of the fires is not yet known, in a statement by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, it was stated that a tree that fell into the power line could have caused the disaster in question.

Meanwhile, fires in the west of the country have pushed air pollution levels to unhealthy or very unhealthy levels in states across the region.

Due to the so-called “Dixie” fire, which broke out in northwestern California on August 13, the historic northwestern town of Greenville, which was home to more than 800 people, was completely reduced to ashes and over 180 buildings became unusable.

“Dixie” was recorded as the 2nd largest fire in California history.

The United States’ National Interagency Fire Center has announced that more than 3 million acres of land have been ashed in more than 37,000 fires across the country since the start of this year.

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