It has not been extinguished for 3 weeks … A fire destroyed the city in the USA!

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News of the fires keep coming from all over the world … More bad news has come from the United States.

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), homes and businesses in historic Greenville were completely destroyed by the wildfire, believed to be the largest in state history.

The great fire, known as the “Dixie” and which is said to have started on July 13 and 14 in the northern region of the province, has spread even more in the last two days and has started to threaten many towns, although 3 weeks were successful.

The fire reached Greenville in the mountainous region with the effect of a dry wind blowing at a speed of about 64 kilometers. In a short time, the flames engulfed the city, destroying hundreds of homes and all buildings, including restaurants, gas stations, churches, hotels and museums.

Doug LaMalfa, who represents the region in the US Congress, shared on social media: “We lost Greenville tonight. There are no words to say.” used his statements.

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Due to other ongoing forest fires in the region, many settlements have been evacuated and Lassen Volcanic National Park has been closed to visitors.

In the western United States, where large fires occur during the driest time of the year, the state of Oregon, with the exception of California, also experienced the largest fire in forest of the country.

More than 413,000 acres of land were destroyed in the fire that broke out on July 6 in the Bootleg area. The fire was 84 percent under control.

The forest fires, which broke out simultaneously in two neighboring states and still could not be extinguished, also negatively affected the air quality in the region.

The United States’ National Interagency Fire Center has announced that more than 3 million acres of land have been ashed in more than 37,000 fires across the country since the start of this year.

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