It is forbidden to comment on this subject, but … The world is talking about it: Kim Jong-un has just melted!

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Kim Jong-un, the world’s most controversial leader from the world’s most closed country, is back on the agenda with the weight he lost.

The “I wonder if he’s sick” in the latest photos of the country ruled with an iron fist. The question was asked again.

Dressed in a white shirt to celebrate Youth Day, Kim’s latest version has become the topic of the day, so to speak, on social media. The images in question have been shared thousands of times and have gone viral.

Kim, who weighed 140 pounds last year, reportedly lost at least 20 pounds last year, according to reports in the British Mirror newspaper.


While the media around the world are making headlines about this weight loss, it is forbidden to talk about it in North Korea.

It has been claimed that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had cardiovascular surgery last year.

It was claimed that Kim Jong Un’s disappearance during this period and that he had not appeared in public for a long time had sparked rumors that he had serious illness and even died, and he been asserted that his sister Kim Yo Jong would take his place.

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At the meeting, where he was first seen in an extremely weakened condition, Kim Jong-un warned that the food situation in the country was “worrying” and said they would continue to implement measures. closure in the context of the new type of coronavirus epidemic (Kovid-19).

Speaking at yesterday’s plenary session of the ruling Workers’ Party Central Committee, Kim called for talks with the international community on how North Korea should handle the “current international situation.”

In her appeal, Kim did not openly mention the United States and its neighbor to the south.

Noting that restrictions enforced in the context of the novel type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak and catastrophic flooding throughout 2020 have negatively affected the economy, Kim warned of food shortages.

Kim said the food situation in the country was “worrying” and urged the authorities to take measures to increase agricultural production.

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In addition, Kim said they will continue to implement the shutdown measures despite the economic difficulties.

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