It’s too much! Taliban in the USA: Disappointed!

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The world has been talking about developments in Afghanistan for weeks.

With the last US soldier to leave the capital, Kabul, the countdown has begun for the second Taliban era in the country.

The Taliban, who were to form the government in a short time, not only took control of the country, but also acquired many state-of-the-art weapons.

Despite spending $ 83 billion for 20 years of education, Afghan forces left the capital Kabul to the Taliban without firing a single bullet, and the Taliban had a considerable arsenal.

As multi-million dollar Black Hawk helicopters and planes were included in the inventory in question, an interesting statement came from the Taliban.

Stating that the United States left many planes and helicopters inoperative, the Taliban said they were “angry and disappointed” and “felt betrayed”.


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According to reports in the country’s press four years ago, the United States gave Afghan forces 75,000 vehicles, including 208 planes and 4,700 Humvees, most of which are now in Taliban hands.

Among the equipment seized by the Taliban are Black Hawk helicopters and A-29 Super Tucano attack planes.

Experts say it is not possible to use advanced planes without training, and they point out that the Taliban’s capture of US equipment is an important propaganda tool.

In contrast, small arms seized by the Taliban are of greater concern. The United States has spent $ 83 billion on training and equipping Afghan security forces over the past 20 years.

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