Izetbegovic calls on Muslims to boycott Israel

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Speaking to the Anadolu Agency (AA), Izetbegovic said Palestinian land had been plundered by Israel for 70 years. mentionned.

Indicating that those who support Israel have hung the country’s flag on government buildings, Izetbegovic said: “The corpses of children are being removed from the ruins. Muslims want to do something, but there is no organized defense. We must not forget that Palestinians protect places important to Muslims. ”He spoke. Izetbegovic called on Muslims to boycott Israel and stressed that what Israel has done has deeply hurt the human race and civilization.


Recalling that thousands of children were killed in the war that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s, Izetbegovic said: “All forms of violence are the same. When a ruthless military force attacks civilians, it is still happening. It is happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina, now in Palestine. Unfortunately, it will only end when the real supporters of justice cease, “the expression used. Izetbegovic, of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu handing out the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina among those who support his country through his social media account, “He put up the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina without asking us because the Israeli flag in Republika Srpska (RS), one of the two entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They chose Palestine to strike our most painful place. “mentioned.

Stressing that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is one of the few leaders to have made a strong voice to what has been done to the Palestinians, Izetbegovic called for the violence to end as soon as possible.

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