Joint call from 5 political parties in Tunisia!

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The Democratic Current, Afak Tunisia, Tekettül, Cumhuriyet and Emel parties issued a joint statement regarding the talks in the country.

While insisting on the absolute rejection of the suspension of the constitution, President Kays Said was asked to keep his promise to the Tunisians and to respect the oath he made when he took office to respect the constitution.

In the statement, which was described as a surprise due to the persistent government vacuum, it was stated that “the combination of management and decision-making alone was rejected”.

In the press release listing the demands of President Saïd, it was stressed that “it is imperative to appoint an efficient and independent Prime Minister who can meet the social and economic expectations of Tunisians and resolve the public finance crisis in order to protect the country. from the risk of bankruptcy. “

The statement called for the repeated attacks on rights and freedoms, in particular the right to expression and travel, to be stopped, for civilians not to be brought to military justice and for monotony in the media. be eliminated.

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In the declaration demanding the immediate cessation of illegal behavior, it was announced that the parties would not accept any individual initiative that would impose a certain political course on the country, and that they would adhere to dialogue and participation in public administration in the democratic framework. .

In the statement, a call was made to civil, democratic, social and political groups in the country to work together to emerge from the uncertain situation.


Making statements on UAE-based Sky News Arabia television, Tunisian Presidential Advisor Walid al-Huccam noted that the political system established in 2014 is no longer viable and shared that preparations are underway for it. the transition to a presidential system in the country.

Recalling the period of former Tunisian President Zeynel Abidin Ben Ali, who was overthrown by a popular uprising during the Arab Spring process in 2011, Huccam said: “The system will not be a one-man regime, this will be a presidential system. What Tunisia has suffered is the one-man regime, “the expression used.

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