Kabul airport ready for international flights

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The Qatar Airways plane evacuated around 200 people, including US citizens. “Everyone in the cabin had tickets and boarding passes,” said Mutlaq al-Kahtani, Qatar’s special representative for Afghanistan in Kabul. Informing that there will be another flight today, Kahtani said the airport is about to fully open.


The White House said in a statement that the Taliban “acted professionally” during the evacuation. US National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne in a statement written after the plane landed in Qatar’s capital Doha, called the Taliban’s flexibility in cooperation “a positive first step “and said they were” behaving in a professional manner. ” According to Qatari officials, the airport, which was badly damaged during the evacuation process last month, has been 90 percent repaired. There are also 19 Turkish technicians at the airport.


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The Taliban, who named a name the United States keeps on the terrorist list as Home Secretary, accused the Washington administration of violating the Doha agreement. Seraceddin Hakkani, who is from the Hakkani network behind the acts of violence in Afghanistan and wanted with a reward of $ 5 million, is the Prime Minister of the Interior of the new regime. Some other leaders, including new Prime Minister Hasan Akhund, are also on the United States’ blacklist. In a statement by the Taliban yesterday, it was noted that “this attitude is seen as a flagrant violation of the Doha agreement” and calls for the administration’s names to be removed from the terrorist list in accordance with to the agreement. The agreement signed with the Taliban in Doha under former President Donald Trump provides a step in this direction.

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