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By defeating the Afghan army and local forces in ONLY 10 days, the Taliban captured the capital Kabul. The Taliban, who besieged the city yesterday morning, announced that they would not fight because of its “large population” and that they would not “attempt to seize Kabul by force”. As the siege caused panic in the city, Afghan security forces laid down their arms out of fear of the Taliban, removed their uniforms and left their posts. Thereupon, the Taliban announced that they would provide security to prevent possible looting and theft, and the militants entered the city. Hours after the Taliban arrived on the outskirts of the city, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left the country.


In the evening, militants took control of the city and entered the presidential palace. Abdulgani Brother, the head of the Taliban’s political bureau, said in a statement that the group’s victory over the Afghan government was “an unprecedented achievement in the world.” Speaking to Qatar-based Al Jazeera TV station, Taliban spokesman Mohammed Naim said “the war in Afghanistan is over” and said “they think the failed Afghan experiment of foreign powers will not happen again”. Expressing that the new form of government will soon be clarified, Naim pledged to ensure the safety of foreign citizens and diplomatic missions.


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In the meantime, it is alleged that President Ghani visited Tajikistan with his team and close family. Gani, who made a statement on his Facebook account shortly after leaving Afghanistan, said he “preferred to leave the country to avoid further bloodshed.” Gani shared, “The Taliban won with their swords and weapons. From now on, they are responsible for the dignity, protection and property of people. They are facing a historic test. “Either they protect the name and honor of Afghanistan, or they prioritize other things,” he said.

Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the Supreme National Reconciliation Council of Afghanistan, criticized Ghani and said: “He left Afghanistan at a difficult time. God will hold him responsible, “he said. Bismillah Muhammedi, Afghan Deputy Defense Minister, said:” They tied our hands behind our backs and sold our homeland. Fuck Gani and his team . “

Taliban militants, who took control of Kabul, entered the Afghan presidential palace.

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The Kabyles, who wanted to leave the city, flocked to the airport and smuggled into the apron to board the planes. We saw that the remaining thousands of people formed long lines in front of the banks and rushed to the markets to withdraw money. After the Taliban announced that they would be allowed to leave the city, there were heavy traffic jams and the roads were closed for a long time.


As the city panicked as activists appeared at the gate, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the evacuation of the embassy in Kabul was “safe”. Staff were transported from the embassy building to Kabul airport by helicopter for evacuation from the country. As the evacuation continued throughout the day, it was alleged that the Americans agreed with the Taliban delegation in Doha not to interfere with the evacuation operation. Blinken, meanwhile, said that if the Taliban intervened with American soldiers, they would react “quickly and decisively.” The US Department of Defense also announced that 1,000 additional troops would be sent for the ongoing evacuations.

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In contrast, footage of the escape from Kabul drew criticism against Joe Biden. Biden’s July 8 statement, demeaning Taliban militants, saying: “Under no circumstances will you see people being evacuated from the roof of the embassy in Afghanistan,” was shared with photographs of US helicopters above from the roof of the embassy.


Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said they would not say ‘no’ to the accommodation and transit of Afghan citizens in their country and said they welcomed the request for temporary asylum in Albania by several hundred Afghan intellectuals and activists. Prime Minister Rama assessed the asylum of Afghan citizens in their country and the US request for transit of Afghan citizens from Albania. Albanian Prime Minister Rama said: “We will not say unequivocally ‘no’. It is not only because our great allies wanted it, because we are Albania ”, he declared.

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With the Taliban takeover of the capital, many countries attempted to evacuate their diplomatic staff and citizens, while Afghan civilians attempted to leave the country, causing chaos at Kabul airport. It was reported that the airport was closed to all commercial flights due to the density.

NATO said it would help keep Kabul airport open for evacuations. “NATO is helping to keep Kabul airport open to facilitate and coordinate evacuations,” Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

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CANADA announced the temporary closure of the embassy in Afghanistan and the evacuation of staff.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said they would start removing staff from the Kabul embassy, ​​adding that employees are now safe in the military section of the airport.

France sends two military planes for the evacuation. The French Defense Ministry announced that one plane took off yesterday to evacuate its citizens and diplomatic staff, and the other will take off today.

Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld has announced that a military plane will be dispatched to evacuate staff and their families from his country’s embassy in Kabul.

United Arab Emirates; The United States has announced that it will assist in the evacuation of diplomatic personnel from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada, Egypt, Australia and the European Union from Afghanistan via the airports in Gulf countries.

Saudi Arabia has announced that the evacuation of its diplomatic staff in the country has been completed.

He said the number of IRAN embassy staff will be reduced and a small number of staff will remain in the country to maintain diplomatic contacts.

Kabul's government has fallen

Long queues have formed in front of the Iranian embassy for visas in the capital, Kabul.


Rashid Dostum, head of the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan, who temporarily fled to Uzbekistan after Taliban forces captured the key northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, announced that they had decided to establish a new “Northern Alliance” in the north. from Afghanistan with the leader of the Islamic League, Atta Muhammed Nur. . In a press statement after leaving Mazar-i-Sharif, Dostum said: “Afghans of Uzbek and Tajik origin do not intend to submit to the Taliban. With Atta Muhammed Nur, we are establishing a new “Northern Alliance” based in the province of Balkh, on the border of Afghanistan with Tajikistan. “We are determined to resist the Taliban,” he said.


As my friend announced that they had formed a new alliance centered in Balkh province against the Taliban, news came that he had temporarily moved to Uzbekistan. On the other hand, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan indicated that the Afghan force of 84 people crossed the border and took refuge in the territory of the country. Citing the security forces as a source, Uzbek media claimed that Raşid Dostum was the group’s leader. The first Northern Alliance was formed in 1996 against the Taliban, who captured Kabul, and was dissolved in December 2001 after the US intervention in Afghanistan. (Nerdun HACIOGLU)

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