Kazakhstan declared national mourning after military ammunition depot exploded

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With the decision taken yesterday by the President of Kazakhstan Kasım Cömert Tokayev, a day of national mourning has been declared across the country.

In this context, flags were half-masted in all government institutions and foreign representations, in particular at the Presidential Palace in Akorda.

Entertainment programs on TV channels and radio broadcasts have been removed. News agency home pages, including official public websites, have been transformed into black and white.

Due to the declared national mourning in Kazakhstan, the Turkish Embassy in Nur Sultan said: “As part of solidarity with the brotherly Kazakh people, we have lowered our flag at half mast. made the statement.

The fire that broke out on August 26 in the munitions depot of the military unit in Bayzakov district of Jambyl province in the south of the country caused an explosion.

According to official sources, 13 people from the military personnel and the rescue team lost their lives in the explosions that occurred one after another in the military ammunition depot, and 90 people, mostly firefighters and rescuers were injured.

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