Kovid-19 survivor is caught in it! The latest situation in the black fungus epidemic

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According to information in the Indian press, Minister of Health Harsh Vardhan noted that so far 28,000,252 people from 28 states had detected black fungi, 24,000,370 of these people had already been caught with Kovid-19 .

Stating that the highest number of black fungus infections have been detected in the western states of Maharashtra and Gujarat, Minister Vardhan said 6,000,329 cases of black fungi have been recorded in Maharashtra and 5,000,486 cases in Gujarat.

Experts point out that mucormycosis, which is caught by those who survived Kovid-19 and called “black fungus” among the population, can be fatal in some cases.

On May 21, it was announced that 219 people have died in India due to a black fungus.


With its medical name “Mucormycosis”, black fungus disease is a very rare infection. It is usually caused by exposure to mucor mold, which is found in soil, plants, manure, and rotting fruits and vegetables. Affecting the sinuses, brain and lungs, the black fungus can be life threatening in people with diabetes or with severely compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients or people living with HIV / AIDS.


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Indian doctors have reported that the country has set a new record in the seven-day case rate. Swelling of the face and black lesions are among the signs of infection. In some sources, it has been suggested that darkening or color change, blurred or double vision, chest pain may also be symptoms.


The infection enters a person through a cut or respiratory system and enters the bloodstream and can spread to the heart, brain, and lungs, among other vital organs.

The black fungus is particularly damaging to patients who have had COVID-19. Experts say the infection is triggered by steroid use in COVID-19 patients. A patient recovering from COVID-19 may die from a black fungus.

Doctors and health officials warn of the lack of the antifungal drug amphotericin B needed to treat black fungal infections.

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