Last minute: a 14-year-old Afghan girl died fleeing the Taliban! His family recounted those moments!

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The world has been talking about the tragedy in Afghanistan for days …

With the Taliban entering the capital Kabul on Sunday, thousands of people flocked to the airport, which has become the city’s only gateway to the outside.

The journey to hope has ended with a bitter end for many. The soldiers opened fire in the air to maintain control. As a result of the stampede and other events, 14 people lost their lives.

The smallest known victim of this chaos was high school student Marzia Rahmati. A 14-year-old Afghan girl died at the airport where she had gone with her family.

According to reports in the British Daily Mail, the Afghan girl died in a stampede after soldiers opened fire in the air.

The newspaper reached the family of the unhappy child. Her aunt Zakia Ahmadi, 28, said her family was “devastated” by the death of their daughter.

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“We want people to see what’s really going on here right now, a little girl has died because the world has turned away from us,” Ahmadi said.

Emphasizing that her sister decided to go abroad to continue her daughter’s studies, Ahmadi said, “They had all the necessary documents to leave the country. However, they couldn’t get that chance due to the chaos at the airport. At the sound of the gunshots, the crowd panicked and the family was torn apart. used his statements.

“His father was barely alive when he reached it, he had to carry it for a long time before he could get medical attention,” Ahmadi said.

“He had a lot of bruises all over and was bleeding inside. He was dressed to keep blood from flowing from his nose and mouth, but he died upon arrival at the hospital.

Last minute: 14-year-old Afghan girl died fleeing the Taliban Her family recounted the moments

Ahmadi said her hardworking niece is a grade 9 student at a girls’ school and dreams of becoming a teacher.

Marzia’s mother Fatima, 32, was also injured in the events at the airport, but was subsequently released from the hospital.

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