Last minute … A Taliban game changer: female presenters are back on screen!

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The world is talking about the Taliban, who regained control of Afghanistan 20 years later.

After capturing critical points, including the capital Kabul, in 10 days, the Taliban are now the sole ruler of the country.

What everyone is wondering is what awaits women under the Taliban. The Taliban, which has given moderate messages on this issue, has taken a decisive step.

According to information published in the British newspaper Daily Mail, the news presenters returned to the screens of Afghan televisions.

Founded in Afghanistan in 2004, TOLO News has resumed broadcasts with female presenters today.

In its message, TOLO News said: “In this program, host Beheshta Arghand questions Mevlevi Abdulhak Hemad, a member of the Taliban media team, about the situation in Kabul and the house searches in the city.

The channel’s news director, Miraqa Popal, wrote: “Today we continued our show with guest speakers.”

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In the interview, Hemad said that security was more and more assured as the hours passed in Kabul, that he kept an eye on the normal course of life, including traffic, coming to the studio, and that he saw officers going to work. I hope that the management vacuum will be filled by this evening. noted.

Stating that they had heard that Panjshir Province in Afghanistan would surrender soon, and that if that happened, the Taliban would take full control of Afghanistan, Hemad gave information on the next steps to be taken regarding the administration.

Hemad, in Doha, Qatar, said that negotiations on how to establish a management system in Afghanistan, what will be its name and structure, and that they expect the situation to become clear in a very near future, “Negotiations are continuing to form the future government. A board is likely to be formed. From now on, the constitution will be the subject of discussions. We are talking about a global and inclusive government. Zabibullah Mujahid (spokesperson for the Taliban) arrived in Kabul today and will provide more information on the situation. ‘ used the expression.

The move came after the Taliban declared a “general amnesty” and called on women to join the administration.

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Enamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, said in a statement on Afghan state television, which was under their control, that they declared “amnesty” for everyone in Afghanistan and called on women. to join the administration.

Enamullah Samangani said they don’t want women to be victims and they want them to participate in the administration. he used the expression

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Stressing that “people already know the Islamic rules that the Taliban expect them to comply with,” Samangani said, “our people are Muslims, we are not forcing them into Islam. he had spoken

With the Taliban entering Kabul on Sunday, radical changes were made to Afghan broadcasting channels, and female presenters were seen to be removed from the screens of major television stations broadcasting in the country.

There has also been an increase in favorable comments towards the Taliban on the Afghan national channel National Afghanistan TV and the private channels Tolo News, Ariana, Shamshad and 1TV.

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According to news reported by the BBC; Critical news on television has declined dramatically.

On state television, which was seized by the Taliban on the evening of August 15, mainly religious content is broadcast.

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