Last minute: an Afghan journalist asked in tears! The hard times of NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg live

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“The situation in Afghanistan is extremely sad and worrying,” NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg told a press conference. “Our priority in Kabul is the successful evacuation. The situation in Afghanistan is extremely sad and worrying. I especially want to thank Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.” Stoltenberg said:

“Anyone wishing to leave Afghanistan must be given permission. Borders, air and land routes must be open. Afghan citizens who wish to leave the country must be able to do so with confidence and dignity.

We want a peaceful transfer to Afghanistan. We are against a conception of revenge.

The new Afghan government must be formed as soon as possible. All the human rights of the Afghan people and Afghan women must be respected. A climate of fear and isolation from the rest of the world should no longer be experienced in Afghanistan.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

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It was not easy for us to finish our military mission in Afghanistan, we had a serious dilemma. If we had stayed there, we would have entered a war we did not want and would have been attacked. From the start, we never thought of staying in Afghanistan forever.

What we have seen in Afghanistan over the past few weeks indicates not only a military collapse, but also a political collapse. The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has been faster than expected.

Some of the Afghan forces fought bravely and did their best. However, political leaders were unable to oppose the Taliban and could not find a political solution to the situation.

This political defeat of the Afghan leadership has led to the tragedy unfolding today.

We also need to do an honest and clear analysis of NATO. Despite the material and moral sacrifices we have made over the past 20 years, we have experienced a collapse at an unexpected speed. It is clear that there are lessons to be learned from this.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the gains brought by our presence in Afghanistan. Our aim was to prevent terrorist organizations and their actions. Considering that there has been no terrorist attack in the past 20 years, we can say that we have been successful in this regard.

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The Taliban are now responsible for taking power. And we have a responsibility to prevent international terrorism. And NATO is also capable of preventing future attacks.

In the 20 years of NATO’s existence, a new generation of Afghans has been born, raised and educated. Afghanistan today is very different from 2001. These gains are not easily reversed. We too are responsible for supporting a stable and peaceful Afghanistan. “

After Stoltenberg’s statements at the press conference, the question-and-answer session began.

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Question Answer

“There are lessons to be learned here. We have invested billions of American dollars, sacrificed the lives of our soldiers. An investigation must be opened to learn a lesson. We must give an honest and clear answer. the forces we trained resisted the Taliban? “

“We have always known the risks. We were surprised because the collapse was so quick. We are having a hard time getting out and we are going to do it. Evacuating the people of Afghanistan from the airport is what we really need to do. speak today. “

Last minute: Afghan journalist questioned in tears about difficult times for NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg live

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The question asked by an Afghan journalist marked the press conference. The reporter uttered the following words in tears.

“I want to ask you this. Especially with regard to NATO’s presence in Afghanistan. NATO is not just about America. In your opinion, was the decision taken by NATO wrong? How would react How long will decisions be tracked and implemented from the US?

Because when you see this situation, as an Afghan woman, you describe the situation as “difficult”, but there are thousands of women there, their future is uncertain, they have no idea what is going to happen. happen.”

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Last minute: Afghan journalist questioned in tears about difficult times for NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg live

“What does 20 years mean? NATO has been in Afghanistan for 20 years. How is it possible ? The United States and the EU could not fight against fascism and imperialism, which are considered the cradle of civilization.

NATO and the EU were one big body and yet they could not defend themselves against the Taliban. Now, 20 years later, you are walking away doing nothing.

As a woman, I want to ask you this. Please do not recognize the Islamic Emirate without preconditions. Please don’t recognize the Taliban the same way, don’t put us in the same position. “

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg answered this question as follows:

“I understand your anger, your pain. I was also made a promise in 2021. I am now the Secretary General and I am responsible for it. I have been in Afghanistan several times over the years. a huge tragedy. Women’s rights will always be very important to us. “

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