Last minute: BBC presenter told the truth about the Taliban

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The world has been talking about the latest developments in Afghanistan for days.

As the surprise of the Taliban’s capture of almost the entire country in 10 days continues, statements from the Taliban front follow one another.

The Taliban, who have taken a series of measures to improve their image in the world, emphasize women’s rights and stress that “we will not take revenge.”

However, news and images from the country contradict these statements. The statements of famous BBC presenter Yalda Hakim also prove this.

Hakim visited Afghanistan earlier this month, where he spoke about his meetings with some Taliban leaders live.

“I sat down with a commander of the Taliban front. He said to me, ‘We want to go back to the kind of rule we had in the 90s,’ “Hakim said.

“When I asked about a woman who committed adultery, she said, ‘Of course she will be stoned. To do this, we will use football stadiums to carry out public executions, ”he said.

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Speaking to Taliban leaders, both in person and on television, Hakim said the Taliban claimed to only obey Sharia rules.

The judge also said that despite the Taliban’s denials, intelligence still suggests they harbor terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda.

Hakim was called by Suhail Shaheen last week as he relayed the latest developments in Afghanistan to the public.

Saying “We are the servants of this nation and this country,” Shaheen once again reiterated that the Taliban will not take revenge on anyone.

Confirming that Afghanistan will revert to Sharia law, the spokesperson said: “Of course we want an Islamic government.”

Born in Afghanistan, Hakim immigrated to Australia with his family in 1986 due to the unrest in the country.

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